Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Details

We accept payment for our training services via bank transfer.

Please note payment is required before we will confirm appointments and put you in the diary.

Payment details for bank transfer

Bank name: Halifax
Sort code: 11-04-33
Account number: 00228551

How much training will I need?

The amount of training required depends on both your current ability and speed of learning - everyone has different requirements.

After your initial session we will be in a better position to advise how much training we think will be necessary for you to reach the standards required by the DVSA.

How much will it cost?

The price for training depends on the amount of tuition required to reach a standard where you're ready to take your test.

See the detail page for your required tuition for more information on pricing:

Our training programmes vary depending on your licence requirement.

Have a look at the description pages for each of the training courses we offer to find out more:

What's Involved?

Is the test fee included?

When you're ready to take your test you will book directly with the DVSA, at which point they will charge you the appropriate test fee separately from any services offered by Alec Hooper Driver Training.

Currently the test fee is £115.00 paid directly to DVSA by the student.