Our LGV & HGV tuition courses include off-road and road training where you are instructed on a one-on-one basis or 2 to 1 for a discounted rate

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To become an LGV  HGV CLASS 2 driver the first step is to book a LGV medical examination with a doctor to make sure you are medically fit to drive a commercial vehicle. If you require glasses to drive, you will need an up to date eye examination prior to filling in the forms. Please be aware the doctor may charge for this service and will need to complete a DVLA Form D4 which can be downloaded from the following link:


You will also need to apply for a new driving licence with a provisional LGV C driving entitlement.

The application form for a licence to learn to drive a lorry is a DVLA Form D2. All forms can be ordered direct from the DVLA at https://www.gov.uk/dvlaforms or from your local Post Office.

When the D2 & D4 DVLA forms are complete you need to send them off with your car licence to the DVLA in Swansea.

Approximately 2 weeks later you will receive a new driving licence with a provisional LGV C category entitlement but this will not show on your licence. You will now be able to book your hazard and theory.


CLASS 2 RIGID 5 day course £1300.00 No VAT to add

CLASS 1 ARTIC 5 day course £1400.00 No VAT to add

Please note the DVSA test fee of £115.00 is paid on top

No VAT to add



 Plymouth    or  Camborne  which one would you like  

Please let me know  the test center you would like when you contact us

then we can look at availability  & to book your  test  .  many thanks.





We accept payment for our training services via bank transfer.

Please note payment is required before we will confirm appointments and put you in the diary.

Payment details for bank transfer

Bank name: Halifax
Sort code: 11-04-33
Account number: 00228551

Booking your LGV Theory Test

Upon receipt of your new driving licence (with the provisional LGV C entitlement) all car drivers who are learning to become lorry driver must then take and pass the LGV theory test.

The LGV theory test is divided into two separate parts:

  • Multiple Choice Test (100 questions) £26.00

  • Hazard Perception Test (19 interactive clips) £11.00

In order to pass the LGV theory tests we strongly recommend you study the following material:

  • A CD-ROM titled The Complete LGV and PCV Theory and Hazard Perception Tests by focus ‘The official theory test for drivers of large vehicles’

  • This covers the multiple choice test. This includes sample clips which give you feedback to help you prepare for the hazard perception test

Please be aware the LGV theory test is not just about the Highway Code, it covers all topics ranging from vehicle weights and dimensions, drivers’ hours, vehicle loading, hazard perception, environmental issues plus other matters relating to large goods vehicles.

Theory Test Centres in the South West are located in Plymouth, Torquay, Exeter, Truro, Penzance and Barnstaple. LGV theory tests can be booked via the DSA website at


or by calling the DSA on 0300 200 1122.

To make a booking we will need your course payment and a picture of your driving licence.

Please note: you must make sure your photo card is in date or you cannot drive

Practical Driving Assessment

As a guide, on average most experienced car drivers require five days (30 hours) LGV category C training in order to reach test standard. If you have experience in 7.5 tonne driving or a regular coach driver the course duration may be reduced to  four days .

The practical training course will cover all aspects required by the DVSA LGV  syllabus. Items covered will include vehicle safety check questions, driving on urban & rural roads, dual carriageways & motorways, also off-road reversing exercises.

Alec Hooper Driver Training is registered with the DVSA as a training provider and are able to book LGV  practical driving tests up to ten weeks in advance. This allows a great deal of flexibility to arrange a course and practical test to suit your personal commitments.

Driver CPC Initial Qualification – (required for all drivers who passed their car test after Jan 97)

Case Study Test (Initial Driver CPC Module 2)

In addition to passing the two LGV  theory tests, if you want to become a professional LGV driver you will also need to pass the Initial Driver CPC Case Study Module 2 Test .

The Initial Driver CPC Module 2 Case Study Test is computer based. There are seven case study tests, with 50 questions in total. The questions will be based on real life situations which you may encounter in your working life as a professional driver.

Essential reading to prepare for LGV CPC Module 2 can be found in a book titled ‘Driver CPC The Official DSA Guide for Professional Goods Vehicle Drivers’ and also the book titled ‘

The Official DSA Guide to Driving Goods Vehicles’.

The Driver CPC Module 2 Case Study test is held at your local Theory Test Centre can be booked via the DSA website at https://www.gov.uk/book-a-driving-theory-test .

A brief outline of the Initial Driver CPC Module 2 Case Study test can be viewed on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ln0g-JLmDbs.

Driver Qualification Card (DQC)

After successfully completing LGV Driver CPC Modules 1, 2, 3 and 4 the driver will be able to drive professionally and will be sent a Driver Qualification Card, which must be carried whilst driving. The qualification card is valid for 5 years from qualifying.