Trailer Towing Tuition

Are you towing legally? Do you feel you still need an expert’s touch in your trailer towing training or you need to be DVSA certified by possessing the B+E towing licence category to complement your driver’s licence? We can help you with all your trailer and caravan towing requirements and get you certified afterwards.


B+E is the Driving Standards Agency practical driving test for cars and trailers. The test is regarded by the DVSA as the first step to driving Large Goods Vehicles and is examined accordingly. No medical examination or additional theory test is required before undergoing this tuition. During this tuition, you get to undergo some practical test that would last for about an hour and a half.

we will need to see  your PHOTO CARD driving licence on your first day of tuition .


The amount of training required depends on  your current ability and speed of learning .

everyone has different requirements.

please take into consideration when booking your training you book enough ..

as you are taking a driving test..

it is exactly the same as your car test but with a trailer on the back.

fifteen minors is all you are allowed no serious or dangerous.

most people think it is not a test and is all about the trailer..

but once they have gone through the four parts of the test the penny drops.

and they realise theirs a lot more to it and wished they had booked more training.

so you will need to get use to the routines,,

and you will need to get use to the area in which you will be taking your test.

and you will have to get rid of bad habits.

and you will have to get back to test standard.

and you will have to get use to general driving procedures.


2 day course WITH A TEST IS 12 HOURS £480.00

3 day course WITH A TEST IS 18 HOURS£720.00

Please note DVSA test fee is an additional £115.00

Please note payment is required before we will confirm appointments and put you in the diary.

prices are for 1 to 1 training,

or discount is offered for 2 to 1 training

No VAT to add

Your choice of test centREs are: 

 Plymouth  Exeter  or  Camborne  which one would you like  

Please let me know  the test centre you would like when you contact us then we can look at availability  & to book your  test  .many thanks.

we will need a picture of your driving licence

so we can book your test.

when we have  booked your test we will send you confirmation

Bank details

We accept payment for our training services via bank transfer.

Please note payment is required before we will confirm appointments and put you in the diary.

Payment details for bank transfer

Bank name: Halifax
Sort code: 11-04-33
Account number: 00228551

The test

This driving test will be handled by our local instructors will take the candidate through a number of different exercises ranging from

1.Vehicle safety questions

2. An off-road reverse maneuver

3. An uncoupling and coupling of the trailer

4. Driving on the road for one hour

In addition to the trailer manoeuvring exercises, the candidate must show the examiner his or her newly acquired skill and competence to handle the vehicle on the highway including junctions, roundabouts, lane control, mirror routines, hill starts, angled starts etc.

During the test, you will be asked a number of pre-set questions known as ‘show me, tell me’ which must be answered either verbally or practically demonstrated to prove your progress.

Successfully passing these tests will consequently allow a driver to tow a trailer up to a gross weight (trailer including load) of 3500kg (3.5 ton). This means a vehicle and trailer with a gross train weight of 7,000kg (7 ton)